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[Czech Republic]BALL VALVE

Pressure plastic pipes are fabricated in PN 10, 16, and 20 and series of the
materials as follows: PPR type 3 polypropylene random copolymer in grey colour, featuring high flexibility and excellent pressure resistance - for hot water and floor heating distribution systems; for exports in any colour desired by the foreign customer. LDPE low pressure polyethylene in black colour - for industrial distribution systems, branches and irrigation systems.
?HYDROPLAST?? tubing advantages:
a) minimum 50 years? lifetime
b) hygienically and environmentally friendly
c) stable fluid flow over the entire lifetime (no incrustation)
d) lower cost compared to traditional distribution systems
e) simple installation and easy handling
HP trend Ltd., provides 10 years? warranty for the products provided the specified storage, handling and installation techniques have been observed.
The complete plastic distribution system production complies with
EN 15874 and it is under ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14 001 certification.

20 ks pcs ?? 50202 10
25 ks pcs ?? 50203 10
32 ks pcs ?? 50204 5
40 ks pcs ?? 50205 5

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