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[China]LED Shower

LED Qty?6pcs SMT LED
LED lighting color?Red/Green/Blue (Temperature detectable)
Casing color?Metallic color
Casing material?ABS
Surface treatment?Electroplating
Maximum size?217*58*80mm
0.20kg (net weight of LED shower)
0.43kg?with stainless steel hose and holder?
Product feature:
1. No battery needed;
2. When water flows down, the LED will light instantly and automatically;
A. When water temperature is ?32?, Green color will show automatically;
B. When water temperature is between 33??34?, Blue & Green color will show automatically;
C. When water temperature is between 35??45?, Blue color will show automatically;
3. This item will change its color by detecting water temperature.
Accessories:Stainless steel hose and holder

Additional information:

Place of origin:China
Price:Ask for price

Category: Furniture -> Bathroom furniture

Shenzhen Xinlong Plastic Products Manufactory

Street:No.101,Chuang Ye Road,27 District, Baoan
Postal code:518101
Phone: +86 755 27920632
Fax: +86 755 27922225



Contact person

Name and Surname: Sandy Chen
Phone: +86 755 23491225
Mobile: +86 18926593375