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STARCO Spółdzielnia Mleczarska


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Excelent cheese spreads for bread and rolls, easy to srpeed. Made of natural cream curds and milk. We offer them in practical packagings.
Chese spreads \"Delfina\" ale avaliable in a wide range of flavours:
-creamy cheese- 24% content of fat,
-creamy cheese with red pepper- 24% content of fat,
-creamy cheese with garlic- 24% content of fat,
-creamy cheese with horse-radish- 24% content of fat,
-creamy cheese with herbs- 24% content of fat,
-creamy cheese with salmon- 24% content of fat,
-creamy cheese witch chives- 24% content of fat.

Cremy cheese \"Delfina\" do not contain any preservatives.
Term of use: 45 days (for salmon spread: 30 days)
Keep in a refrigator (2-8 degrees Celsius).
Collective package: 18 items
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Additional information:

Place of origin:stargard
Price:1,70 PLN
Price Terms:do negocjacji
Minimum order:do negocjacji
Quality/Certifications:TUV, ISO, HACCP


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STARCO Spółdzielnia Mleczarska

Street:Barnima 5
City:Stargard Szczeciński
Postal code:73-110
Region:Western Pomerania
Phone: +48 91 578 48 71
Fax: +48 91 834 34 58

Contact person

Name and Surname: Mateusz Skoczylas
Phone: +48 91 5784873
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