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[Ukraine]ECONT-0101.2 Endoscopic LED Light Source with Touch Screen

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Highly effective light source for rigid endoscopy. Illumination of operational field produced by the unit is comparable to one made by 175W xenon light sources. Spectrum of emitted light is similar to the daylight. Small part of infrared component allows avoiding tissue burns and optical system overheating.

high output advanced technology LED;
high intensity light output (equivalent to 175W Xenon) at low power consumption;
faint infrared component prevents tissue burns and optical system overheating.
extremly long LED service life - not less than 50 000 hrs.
Ergonomic Design
clear controls with minimal involvement ensure simple operation: the output intensity is made by a simple touch of screen - the unit is fully driven with touch-screen multilanguage menu. The output intensity is controlled via a step-motor driven mechanical diaphragm.
all information for lamp lifetime, operational temperature, light intensity etc. are clearly displayed on large TFT-screen.
FLASH memory for retaining last used working mode
the Light Source fulfills all essential safety demands. The rugged desk housing and the waterproof touch screen panel withstands all daily-use requirements.
fittings can be tailored to suit all major makes of light cables
Remote Control
posessing communication port (option) the unit can be implemented to the integrated operating room system .
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