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[Poland]Attested padlocks

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Gerda HSS padlocks are new-generation products for securing of rooms, plants, cubicles, entrance gates, etc.
The HSS protection system is an original technology of Gerda registered in the Patent Office under the name HSS (Hard&Soft System) -a perfect protection against burglary.
The padlocks Gerda HSS have achieved class C certificate (highest burglar-resistance class).

Certified Gerda HSS padlocks feature a shackle made of surface-hardened springy alloy steel, which protect the shackle against cutting or twisting.
High quality materials and components considerably increase resistance of the Gerda HSS padlocks to adverse weather conditions.
The closing mechanism of the HSS padlocks is based on the proven disc system of Gerda CL inserts.
The innovative construction featuring drum disc mechanism allows complex Master Key systems designs.
Additional keys for GERDA HSS can be cut at any GERDA Authorised Outlet upon presentation of an original code card attached to the padlock and one of the existing keys.

Product guarantee: 12 months.


* drum disc mechanism Gerda CL protects against any attempt of opening without an original key,
* the number of key code combinations (considerably higher chan class C requirement) guarantees the highest level of security and makes each cylinder unique.
* padlock housing made of a composition of soft and hard materiale (GERDA patented technology HSS - Hard&Soft System) protects against drilling,
* padlock shackle made of surface-hardened springy alloy steel, which protest the shackle against cutting or twisting.

Attests and certificates:

* The Institute of Precision Engineering (IMP)
* Central Laboratory of Criminology
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:531 Z
Place of origin:Poland
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