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SalvationDATA Technology LLC.


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Product Name: HD HPE SP

Main Functions:
Disassemble the Disks; exchange the head/platter/Motor (SalvationDATA 3+1: Stage+1___Mechanical Component Exchanging)

When customers give you drives to repair and the drives have damage in the head, platter, motor, it is required to disassemble the disks and repair it in a good envirnment to avoid a second damage and protect the data ultimately. Our product HD HPE PRO provides solution to this requirement.

Main Features: Easy to use; Universal-fit workbench;Pioneer platter exchanger;change multiple platters without moving the platters out of alignment with each other; Special Actuator Remover with strong magnetism works(removal, installation) easily on the upper magnet of the actuator.
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Additional information:

Place of origin:Chengdu,CHina
Price:Ask for price
Delivery time:3 days
Minimum order:1


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SalvationDATA Technology LLC.

Street:601 Research Institute of Computer Application, Chinese Academy of Science,Chengdu Branch
Postal code:610041
Phone: +86 28 68599738
Fax: +86 28 68107757

Contact person

Name and Surname: Edison Hsiun
Phone: +86 28 68599738
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