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By-Touch Solution Co., LTD

[China]Fingerprint Lock 2

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1. Secured locking method: Three secured locking methods which include fingerprint, password, and mechanical key to make your life safer.

2. Advanced technology: ① With CMOS optic sensor which features digital signal output and anti-interface to ensure easy and reliable fingerprint reading. ② Easy locked with handle up. ③ Digital display makes the operation much convenient and easy.

3. Warning function: ① low power warning ② unlock warning ③ open unauthorized warming

4. Emergency power: Supports 9V battery as backup power when internal battery is flat.

5. Sensor Protection: The lock is equipped with a cover which can slide upward to protect the scanner and digital display from bad weather and dust, for a longer and more reliable using .

6. Robust Structure: The lock is with double –layer composite structure and the spelter material which can last for 10years under normal usage.
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