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Gardener Group Leasing Ltd

Business type: Services
Business type: Exporter,
Number of employees: 5 - 10
Annual sales value: Euro 1.000.000 – 5.000.000
Established year: 1999

Medicine, Health & Beauty


Business services

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Gardener Group Leasing Ltd can arrange a Money Market Account or a Certificate of Deposit at a multi-billion dollar U.S.private equity firm. Written Verification of Deposit (VOD) is available, as well as account statements and access to an on-line account summary. Confirmation letters, verbal and fax verification are also provided. SWIFT MT999 messages to SWIFT SCORE member banks providing account status and transaction details are available at additional cost.

VOD ;- It is a document signed by a company’s or individual’s financial institution that provides verification of the balances in their financial accounts. A written Verification of Deposit will adequately serve the majority of Proof of Funds requirements. Other types of confirmations done with direct-to-bank SWIFT messages are most commonly used for verifications tied to buy/sell transactions and have special account set-up procedures that are available at additional cost.

The SWIFT MT999 message format is used with the POF accounts we arrange.The message can be transmitted to any SWIFT member bank that is part of the SWIFT SCORE program. SCORE member banks are located in countries that are part of the Financial Action Task Force, which is an inter-governmental body whose purpose is the development and promotion of policies, both at national and international levels,to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Additional costs apply.

SWIFT provides for a number of different message types and purposes. Each type of SWIFT message is pre-defined and follows a specified format. All SWIFT messages must adhere to these established forms or they will be rejected by the receiving bank.There are nine (9) SWIFT message categories with multiple message types in each. S.W.I.F.T. ("Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication") provides mechanisms for electronic inter-bank messaging and funds transfer. SWIFT messages are used legitamately to conduct business between transactional partners.

Address data

Street:5 Canada Square
Postal code:E14 5AQ
Country:United Kingdom
Phone: +44 793 7141728


Contact person

Name and Surname: Michael Gardener
Phone: +44 793 7141728
Mobile: +44 7937141728
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