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[India]Femigra Gel

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Femigra could be a distinctive product that’s created by Ajanta pharmaceutical company, that is associate Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Femigra Ingredients:

Purified water, humectant, group ethyl radical polyose, L-Arginine, acid, Menthol, alkyl group Paraben

Product Description:

Femigra could be a new personal stuff for girls. it’s designed to boost the enjoyment of intimate, sexuality.

Indications for Use:

This product is meant to remedy channel status and to extend the lubrication of the gap of the channel, to boost safe usage and responsiveness throughout sessions of intimate sexuality.


Do not use Femigra if you have got any well-known sensitivity to any of the merchandise ingredients Warnings: Femigra has no preventive or contraceptive properties solely use vaginally don’t use rectally just in case of irritation, discontinue victimisation Femigra don’t use Femigra if you’re pregnant or wet


Apply the required quantity of Femigra gel to a fingertipAs Femigra could be a water-based stuff, it doesn’t have any petroleum-based ingredients, and so is okay to be used with latex condoms.Gently apply Femigra gel to the erectile organ and channel areas once showering or bathing, and before any intimate sexuality.Alternatively, use Femigra on the skin surface of the safe, before insertion within the channel.Keep this product out of the reach of kids.
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Additional information:

Place of origin:Pune
Brand:Femigra Gel
Price:Ask for price
Delivery time:7 days
Minimum order:10000


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