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[Cameroon] Alkaline Cocoa Powder

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Cocoa powder is a kind of nutritious food, which contains not only high-calorie fat but also rich protein and carbohydrate. Cocoa powder also contains certain amount of alkaloid, theobromine and theine, which function to dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation. Consuming cocoa products is very beneficial to human health.

Natural cocoa beans are used to go through screening, roasting, grinding, alkalization, sterilization, machine pressing, milling and other processes on imported hydraulic press machine production lines, to produce cocoa powder, which has natural cocoa fragrance.

According to fat content, cocoa powder is divided into high-fat, medium-fat and low-fat cocoa powder. High-fat cocoa powder contains 22-24% fat; medium-fat cocoa powder contains 10-12% fat; and low-fat cocoa powder contains less than 10% fat.

Alkalized powder has three alkalization ways — pre-alkalization, interim-alkalization and post-alkalization. It has strong natural cocoa aroma. In addition to direct application in chocolate and beverage production, alkalized cocoa powder can also be used in tobacco, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Product Name: Alkalized Cocoa Powder (AH01)

Physical Index
Cocoa bean origin: West Africa
Appearance: Fine, free flowing brown powder

Characteristic cocoa flavor
Color: Brown
Fineness (through 200 mesh): Min. 98.5%

Chemical Index
Fat content: 10-12 %
Moisture: Max. 5.0%
pH value: 6.2-6.8
Ash: Max. 12%

Microbiological Index
Total Plate Count
Max. 5,000 cfu/g

Max. 30MPN/100g
Yeast & Mould
Max. 50 cfu/g
Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus Aureusa

In 25kgs multilayer craft paper bags with inner polyethylene liner.
N. W.: 25 kg / bag
G. W.: 25.25 kg / bag

Without pallet:
Per 20' FCL: 620 bags x 25 kg = 15.5 metric tons
Per 40' FCL: 1000 bags x 25 kg = 25 metric tons

Shelf Life: 24 months from date of production when stored in cool, dry conditions.

Storage Conditions
Store in a pest-free, well ventilated environment, at ambient temperature (18-22 degr C.) and relative humidity 50%-60%, away from source of heat and water and free from foreign outdoors.
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