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[China]Kevlar Bulletproof/Ballistic Helmet Meets NIJ IIIA

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MICH-03C Ballistic Helmet

Material: Kevlar

Protection performance: NIJ IIIA

The inside helmet is padded with slow rebound memory foam, very
comfortable when wear it and excellent for shock absorbing. The
front of the helmet is with night vision mounting system. And
both sides of the helmet are with accessory rail connectors, easy
for carrying accessories. Moreover, there are velcro modules on
the helmet surface, for attaching other stuffs. With adjustment
system inside the helmet, and one size fits all, and color can
be customized.

One size fits all design suitable for different persons.

Custom color available.

Weight: 1.40kgs
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:MICH-03C
Place of origin:China
Price:Ask for price
Price Terms:FOB
Packing:US standard packing
Delivery time:15 days
Minimum order:100 piece
Quality/Certifications:EN, NIJ, ISO,etc.


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Name and Surname: Cheryl Xie
Phone: +86 577 88371288
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