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Shenzhen Teco Optic Co., Ltd

[China]OTDR for both SM & MM equal to EXFO OTDR OEM model

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TE800 OTDR Operation Points:

Automatic Measurement Mode: Only by selecting the measurement wavelength, the measurement parameters are automatically set, and the trace data is automatically saved and automatically analyzed.

Multi-wavelength Measurement Mode: In the parameter setting, the wavelength can be automatically switched into the multi-wavelength measurement mode. Under this mode, the analysis can be achieved on the attenuation state of the same fiber section under different wavelengths.

Trace Fixing Function: It can achieve the same-screen comparison and display of one trace with another real-time trace or the trace under the average measurement, which is very useful for the installation of multi-core fiber or the checking of the aged fiber in the optical fiber network already been installed.

Multi-wavelength Analysis Function: It can achieve the comparison, display and analysis functions of any trace file.

FTTx online testing, able to identify the splitter and the fiber’s end.

Large-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery, with the long standby time over 8 hours.

Bellcore file format (.sor), with the storage of greater than 10,000 traces.

Communication Light Detection: It can effectively protect the test instrumentation and communication equipments.

Connection State Detection: To promptly know the connection status of the instrumentation and the fiber for test.

The Switching of Measurement Mode: Through the shortcut key operation, it can achieve the flexible switching of real-time measurement mode and average measurement mode.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:TE800
Place of origin:China
Price:Ask for price
Price Terms:FOB Shenzhen
Packing:Carry bag with paper carton
Delivery time:2 days
Minimum order:1 unit


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