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CV. Aesthetic Device Persada


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Pelleve uses the advanced radiowave technology of the Ellman International Surgitron® Dual RF™ S5 and a proprietary Pelleve handpiece to precisely deliver energy through the skin to the dermal tissue beneath without damaging the epidermis. This gentle heating of the deeper dermal tissue induces collagen denaturization and contraction. As the dermal tissue recovers, new collagen synthesis occurs, which creates a tightening effect.
The result is a noticeable improvement in skin quality and appearance with minimal side effects and healing time for patients.
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Place of origin:USA
Price:9975.00 USD
Packing:Original Retail Box
Delivery time:7 days
Minimum order:1


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CV. Aesthetic Device Persada

Street:Jl. Surapati No.45
Postal code:40133
Phone: +62 22 92023501
Fax: +62 22 92023501

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Name and Surname: Amanda Ratuliu
Phone: +62 22 92023501
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