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Creative Biomart

[United States]Recombinant Mouse Crystallin, Alpha B

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Alpha crystallins are composed of two gene products, alpha-A and alpha-B for acidic and basic, respectively. Alpha crystallins can be induced by heat shock and are members of the small heat shock protein (sHSP also known as the HSP20). They act as molecular chaperones and hold them in large soluble aggregates. These heterogeneous aggregates consist of 30-40 subunits; the alpha-A and alpha-B subunits have a 3:1 ratio, respectively. Two additional functions of α-crystallins are an autokinase activity and participation in the intracellular architecture. CRYAB is expressed widely in many tissues and organs.
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Model/Article number:Cryab-330M
Place of origin:USA
Brand:Creative Biomart
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