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GM Records

[Poland] Confectioning

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The confectioning department of CD and DVD discs in GM Records packs the manufactured discs in all, available on the market, packaging. We are able to offer our clients completely new packaging, designed for their own particular production. It refers mainly to any kinds of ecological packaging made of paper and cardboard. The machinery in the confectioning department consist of highly efficient envelope-making machines and cover-making machines for nay kind of packaging typical for CD and DVD discs. At the final stage of confectioning, the packaging is laminated separately or in sets on automatic shrink wrappers. All the machines for confectioning are equipped with feeders of additional elements such as leaflets, stickers or any other printed supplements. Such an equipment allows a very quick product confectioning.

One of the assets of GM Records is also the department of manual confectioning, where the CD and DVD discs can be packed in any non-standard, even the strangest packaging. Having the initial materials such as the material for the disc, graphical concept and the concept of the packaging, the client has the opportunity to order everything in one place, in GM Records.
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GM Records

Street:Heliotropów 45/53
Postal code:04-796
Phone: +48 22 8722722
Fax: +48 22 8722706

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Name and Surname: Matylda Nosowska
Phone: +48 22 8722722wew1
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