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PHU Bastion

[Poland]Personal bugs detector

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Detection of unwanted phone conversations made with usage of GSM phones.
Detection of unwanted conversation made with usage of radio waves.
Detection of active bugs/taps.

Room monitoring in order to localize bugs/taps.
BAST-71SPBGSM detector was designed on the basis of modern digital technologies with usage of a microprocessor supervising an algorithm that secures immediate detection of operating mobile phones (within a radius of 15 m) in the bands: 800, 900 and1800 MHz. It also detects any radio transmitters with emission intensity that exceeds background level at 6-12 dB in the frequency band from 100 to 2800 MHz.

Mobile phone detection is indicated on the detector's screen by "ALARM RF" caption. Operation frequency band: 100-2800 MHz.

Detected devices:
Mobile phones: GSM-800/900/1800/1900
Radio transmitters with standard and digital kinds of modulation.
Sensitivity: not less than 100 mW/m
Level indicator dynamic range: not less than 44 dB
Frequency measuring error: not more than 1 MHz
Detection range: not less than:
GSM mobile phone with standard power of 100 mW - to 15 m
Radio transmitter 5mW* *in not jammed radio waves transmission ( far from transmitting stations).
Detection time - monitoring mode, not more than 3 seconds.

Power: battery AAA LR03 type
Dimensions: 60x40x180
Weight: (without batteries) 40 g
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Additional information:

Price:1100 EUR
Delivery time:7 days
Minimum order:1


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PHU Bastion

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Name and Surname: Grzegorz Wesołowski
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