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[Czech Republic]Collection ProFire : Firefighting suit

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Action firefighting suit FIREMAN EN 469:2005 standard

NOMEX waterproof and air-permeable layer thermal insulation layer and comfort layer.
The Fire Resistant Garment has four layers.
Outer layer:
The material is made from NOMEX. It enjoys the ability of flame resistant, oil proof, electrical insulation. It also has good resistance to acids and alkalis.
Moisture barrier:
Apply the no-name PTFE or GORE-TEX, the material could stop water passing through to the firefighter’s personal clothing while allowing perspiration and heat to escape to the outside atmosphere.
Thermal Barrier:
It used the non-woven felt made of ARAMID. To thermal barrier, flame resistant, anti heat radiation.
Comfortable layer:
Flame resistant cotton.
Reflective Trim:
Uses 3Mscotchlite reflective tapes.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:ZZF FIREMAN-A
Place of origin:Czech Republic
Price:447,30 EUR
Price Terms:L/C or T/T
Delivery time:35 days
Minimum order:10
Quality/Certifications:EN 469:2005


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Street:Osvetimany 385
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Country:Czech Republic
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Name and Surname: Libor Zeman
Phone: +420 573 902038
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