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Nexge Technologies

[India] CommPacket SoftPhones & CommPacket Click-to-Talk

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CommPacket SoftPhones & CommPacket Click-to-Talk:

A. Supports both H.323 and SIP
B. Both PC / Web based versions available
C. 2-stage Dialing (Authentication & Calling)
D. Subscriber gets authenticated using his/her User-Name & Password or PIN & TPIN Number.
E. Displays User name, User Phone Number, Account Balance, Last Dialed calls, Last Received calls.
F. Support for real-time account balance during outgoing calls.
G. Support for G.711, G729 and G.723 Codecs.
H. Standard Features like Redial, mute, audio settings.
I. Provides a configurable user interface using XML based standard for changing the color, components
position and skin.
J. Phone Book and Friends List (also called buddy List)
a) View, Add, Modify, delete Options
K. Online Help
L. Runs on Windows 2000 / XP, Minimum 32 MB RAM, 10 MB HDD or above.
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Nexge Technologies

Street:ESB-001, IIT-Madras
Postal code:600041
Phone: +91 44 55271155
Fax: +91 44 22570120

Contact person

Name and Surname: Jim Thomas Pularickal
Mobile: +91984 0073391
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