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GEO Instrument

Business type: Manufacturer
Business type: Exporter,
Number of employees: 5 - 10
Annual sales value: Brak danych
Established year: 1978


Computer Hardware & Software

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The history of QUINQ.NET(Lt)

For more then 25 years already, GEO’s software is a definition for take-off tool in the Netherlands and abroad. Originally started as a land surveying and estimating office for damage on buildings, GEO found out that the method of quantity estimating was very costly in terms of labour and time and, in many cases, still it is.

In 1978, the first take-off solution was presented – the HOEVEEL (read “HOW MANY”) software, developed in Basic. HOEVEEL evolved in the coming years from a pure alphanumeric user interface into a combined graphic environment.

In the mid 90ties came the idea to integrate GEO's take-off software with cost-estimating software and spreadsheets (Lotus, Excel etc). Reproduction of information became an essential issue as well. As a result, the take-off software emerged with international names like QUAST (QUAntity Assistant) and QUINQ (QUantity INQuiry).

Both software names and features were merged in 1998 into the QUINQ software suite. The QUINQ software suite is developed in Delphi and includes QUINQ NET Light (Lt), QUINQ NET Full, the plug-in QUINQ NET-Digital to import digital drawings (BMP, JPEG, DXF and DWG file formats) and the de add-on QUINQ NET-Seqpro to compose floor, roof and ceiling lay-outs.

In March 2006, the QUINQ software suite was extended with the introduction of the QUINQ NET Viewer.

In parallel to the development of take-off software, in cooperation with an American company, GEO worked on the development of a sonic digitiser, appropriate to use in cost-estimating departments. In the mid 80ties GEO came with its own GEO:LAT® in two mobile versions, named GEO:LAT-I and II. Although replaced now by the American model, introduced in 1991, the name GEO:LAT is a synonym of a fast, simple and flexible tool for taking off quantities.

E.R. Robijn
Managing director

Address data

Street:Velperweg 80
Postal code:6824HL
Phone: +31 26 3619900
Fax: +31 26 3619666


Contact person

Name and Surname: Robijn E.R
Phone: +31 26 3619900
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