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Kelilong Electron Co.,Ltd

[China] PH meter

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KL-018 Industrial Online pH Controller
It is an accurate secondary instrument with LED digital display. it is applicable to determine pH value of water solution in departments of petroleum,chemical,medicine-produce ect. Automatic temp.Compensation

Technical Specification:

Model KL-018
Measuring range 0.00~14.00PH
Accuracy ±0.02PH
Resolution 0.01PH
Output current 4-20mA
Automatic temperature compensation 0~100℃
Warning accuracy ±0.02PH
Environment Temperature:0~50℃ Humidity<95℅
Display 4-digital LED
Input Impedance 1012Ω
Power Supply 220V±10℅ 50Hz±2℅
Dimensions 96×96×160(mm3)
Weight 950g
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Kelilong Electron Co.,Ltd

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