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Shenzhen Xinlong Plastic Products Manufactory

[China]Nicer Dicer

The amazing Nicer Dicer will make your life easier, safer and more fun in the kitchen. Dice, chop or julienne fruit,vegetables, cheese fresh herbs and a whole lot more in minutes (even seconds)! You'll be amazed at how perfectly you can dice a fresh tomato for salsa or omelets. Put down that knife and give your eyes a rest when chopping fresh onions. All of the chopped ingredients transfer instantly from the cutting surface into the polycarbonate bowl. There's no need to make a mess of your counter-top[...]

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[China]Culinare One Touch Automatic Power Grater

The Culinare One Touch Power Grater is the latest edition to the best selling One Touch range and follows the same 'One Touch' principle. Complete with two grating plates for coarse to fine results and a container with a lid to store your cheese after grating. Simply press the start button on the top and grate cheese directly onto your plate or into the container provided. The One Touch Power Grater is ideal for those who prefer to make everyday tasks, such as grating, that little bit easier.[...]

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[China]Sonic Blade & Cordless power knife

*Sonic Blade & Cordless power knife New technology to cut, slice, and carve with the greatest of ease. Glides through the most delicate cake as well as effortlessly saws through rock-hard frozen food! Set includes bread and carving blades, charging block, rechargeable battery, heavy-duty, cordless handle with built-in safety lock, food holder, recipe and instruction guide. Plus free food holder Including GS/UL/PSE adaptor * Powerful high-torque motor * Perfectly cut[...]

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[China]Electric Mandoline Slicer

Manual slicers are often time and energy consuming, dangerous and unstable, and difficult to use on rigid, tough foods. Unlike manual slicers, the Electric Mandoline Slicer works electrically to save time, and is also designed to be safe and efficient while preparing food. No human contact is made with the blades during operation, resulting in safe-slicing of foodstuffs. It has a powerful motor and sharp blades to cut even rigid and tough foods with ease. Our Electric Mandoline Slicer includes[...]

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