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Baise Tianxing Plant Science Co., Ltd.

[China] Artemisinin

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[Physical properties] colorless acicular crystals; melting point, 156-157°C,[α]17D+66.3°C(C=1.64,chloroform)

[Botanical source] leaves of Artemisia annua L

[Specification] Arteannuin≥99.0%, HPLC, complied with CP2005 standard .

[Functions and Applications] This product treats tertian malaria and the average negativization time of malignant protozoon is shorter that of chloroquine. No poisonous side-effect is observed in clinical treatment.

It is especially advantageous in the treatment of malignant malaria and cerebral malaria in anti-chloroquine protozoon areas. However, in the treatment of tertian malaria, the near-term recrudescence rate of this product is higher than that of chloroquine.
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Baise Tianxing Plant Science Co., Ltd.

Street:No.5 Donghe 1 Road
Postal code:533000
Phone: +86 776 2860660
Fax: +86 776 2852918

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Name and Surname: Lin Xu
Phone: +86 776 2860660
Mobile: +86 13977682807
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