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Wayfinder Arrows Limited

[United Kingdom]Omni-Directional Radio Transmitter Evacuation Syatem

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It has the ability to route map and find the safest and quickest way out of large and complex buildings, stations, stadium, tunnels, tower blocks or any large facility. It can work equally as well in smaller buildings.
Imagine that a fire has started on the fifth floor (zone 5) the intelligent Wayfinder's will guide you away from zone 5 and to the nearest safe fire exit. Multiple fires in multiple zones are equally efficiently handled by this truly amazing system.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:Omni-Directional
Place of origin:uk
Price:Neg GBP
Price Terms:FOB L/C
Packing:5 per box
Minimum order:neg
Quality/Certifications:CE Certification ISO9001


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Wayfinder Arrows Limited

Street:25 Woodpecker Way
Postal code:So50 9lg
Country:United Kingdom
Phone: +44 2380 614617

Contact person

Name and Surname: Paul Avery
Phone: +44 2380 614617
Mobile: +44 7886670275
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