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Fabryka Kosmetyków Hean

[Poland]Tonic alcohol free

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Tonic alcohol free with aloe and vitamins A and B5

* Developed especially for daily care of skin on face, neck and shoulders.
* Recommended for all types of sensitive skin.
* Penetrates the skin easily, delicately softening its texture and leaving a pleasant feel.
* As a part of daily care routine, it refreshes the skin and brings back a proper pH level.
* Contains a unique combination of active nourishing and revitalising ingredients: allantoin, vitamins A and B5, an extract of aloe (rich in amino acids, polysaccharides and mineral substances) that enhance skin moisturising, reduce skin tension and bring back its natural fresh and silky feel.
* It has been dermatologically examined and has not been tested on animals.
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Place of origin:Poland
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Fabryka Kosmetyków Hean

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