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EgyMark International

Business type: Manufacturer
Business type: Importer, Exporter,
Number of employees: 11 - 50
Annual sales value: Euro 500.000 – 1.000.000
Established year: 1997

Security & Protection

Electronics, electrical engineering


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EgyMark Int’l. is a Professional import, export and agency company, with experience in the field of import, export, agency and distribution, the company is managed and directed by a group of young and experienced members. The company was established in 1997 in Egypt under the name "EgyMark International Co." which began its operation in the early 1998, we imported different types of products like tea, oil, pasta, tomato paste, canned tuna, corned beef, flour, paper tissue, juice, rice, mobile accessories, decoration products, air compressors, industrial machines, perfumes and cosmetics. And we exported Egyptian pasta, olives and juice.

We have very good experience in a number of fields, and we know very well, how to conduct this sort of business.

Now, we have a very big range of products in different category like:

Wireless alarm calling system, Disposable Camera, SIM card backup, Internet Telephone / VoIP / Net 2 Phone system. Microwave Popcorn – 10 flavors, Semolina, Wheat Flour, Egyptian Rice, NAB- Non Alcoholic Danish Beer, Danish Energy Drink, Pasta Macaroni and Instant Grill.

We are working with worldwide team work from many countries like: Egypt, Denmark, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Italy, Sweden, Finland and much more.

Our partners
We have the dynamics and professional partners in many countries like Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, Hong Kong, Italy and Denmark.

All of them work with strong teams of professional management and staff to handle all phases of production from product development, technical improvement, quality control and logistic arrangement. They assure to provide the best service and value-added products to our customers.

They serve different areas of customers including Middle East, China, Europe and America. In order to meet and exceed our customers requirement and enlarge our market globally. They continuously upgrade the teamwork know-how and strive for development value-adde

Address data

Postal code:2650
Phone: +45 2614 732


Contact person

Name and Surname: S. Aziz
Phone: +45 2614 732
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