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Changshu Yaoxing Fiberglass Insulation Products Co. Ltd

[China]Aluminum-foil Coated fiberglass Cloth

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1.By applying uniquely advanced compound processing and using fiberglass as the base cloth and special fire-resistant adhesive agent, our product has the excellent properties such as the smooth surface on the aluminum foil, strong light reflection, good stretching resistance in length and breadth, non-breath ability, non-breath ability, non-water permeability, good hermetic and weather resistance.
2.This cloth is mainly used for thermal insulating materials of the steam heating pipelines, sound -proof materials in construction and the protective layer of super glass wool with excellent functions of fire -resistance, anti-corrosion, heat isolation and sound absorbability, and it can also be used as the packing materials for the export equipment with the functions of damp proof, mildew proof, fire -existence and anticorrosion.
3.In the field, this cloth can mainly used for wrapping materials of oil transportation pipelines and the steam pipelines in the petrochemical industry with the same effects as mentioned above.
4.The available specifications are as follows:
AL-140 width 1000mm-1220mm roll length 100m-200m weight 140g/㎡
AL-7628 width 1000mm-1270mm roll length 100m-200m weight 210g/㎡
AL-3732 width 1000mm-1220mm roll length 100m  weight 440g/㎡
AL-3784 width 973mm roll length 50m  weight 880g/㎡
AL-3788 width 973mm roll length 50m weight 1700g/㎡
AL-FW600 width 1000mm roll length 100m weight 630g/㎡
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