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United Composites B.V. / General Armour (TM)

[Netherlands]Covert Leg Protection, S-Short

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GA’s Prometheus Body Armor has developed an ultimate covert vest system called "Body Armor Like a Second Skin (TM)" (BALSS(TM) --> patent pending under Ballistic Resistant Shell/BRS)

By the use of exclusive high tech stretch fabrics the highly advanced soft armour is pulled towards your body. The product focuses on agility/move ability, comfort and climate control. It has resulted in one of the most covert and light weight solution that protects you all day without limiting yourself.

The vest system consists of

S-Shirt, Covert Protection upper torso
S-Shirt Long Sleeve, Covert protection upper torso including the arms
S-Short, Covert Protection of the upper legs, hips, and groin
S-Pants, Like the S-Short incl. covert protection of the lower legs.

If combined it leads to full protection of the whole body against fragments, bullets and knifes. It actually replaces your underwear.

Parts of the system can also be purchased seperately and also works in conjunction with your existing vest or increase the protected area of your body.

For further information please do not hestitate to contact us.

Product is fully made in the European Union and United States
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:S-Short
Place of origin:Netherlands
Brand:Prometheus Body Armor
Price:from 250 EUR
Price Terms:to be agreed upon
Packing:wooden cassette and box
Delivery time:30 days
Minimum order:50
Quality/Certifications:NIJ, CEN


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United Composites B.V. / General Armour (TM)

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Postal code:3891 BC
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Name and Surname: de Buijzer R.M.
Phone: +31 6 12939540
Mobile: +31 612939540
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