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Shenzhen Ark Communication Co.,Ltd

[China]LC connector

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PC and APC polishing
High return loss and low insertion loss
High reliability and stability
Push-pull structure
Compact size
Simplex or multiplex modes
Single or multiple mode
Connector can be supplied as a preassembled one piece connector or connector kits
Clips are available for duplex connectors
Housing kits without ferrule are available
Available in various boot sizes and colors</ul>
Insertion loss:<ul>
SM: &#8804;0.3dB
MM: &#8804;0.3dB</ul>
Return loss:<ul>
PC: &#62;45dB
UPC: &#62;50dB
APC: &#62;60dB</ul>
Durability: &#8804; 0.1dB typical change, 1,000 mating
Operating temperature: -40 to +80&#176;C
Repeatability: &#8804;0.1dB
Interchangeability: &#8804;0.2dB</ul>
Telecommunication networks
Premise installations
Gigabit Ethernet
Active device termination
Packing: carton and plastic bag
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Place of origin:China
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Delivery time:1 days
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Shenzhen Ark Communication Co.,Ltd

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