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[Poland]Dust collectors

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Dust collectors EKO type are easily build and also very practical. Those are designed to exhaust shavings, sawdust and wood-dust from wood machines, grinding stands, polishing from such materials like: plastics, rubber, ceramics, cast iron, amber; cleaning from mentioned above pollution.

Polluted air is exhaust from emission zone by elastic pipe (EKO-1, EKO-2) or self-locking arm (EKO-RSS).

In device there is separation of pollution: bigger particles goes to bottom bag, smaller settles on inside bag surface (top) made from cotton fabric BT-17 with antistatic characteristic.

Bag dust collectors are equipped with wheels to enable their movement.

Cleaned air is recycling inside the workshop, so in the winter time there is a big save of heat with relation to traditional in-out ventilation.
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