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[Poland]Organic Odors Neutralization Method

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This is a modern method which neutralize disagreeable odors. It consists of odor oxidation in the strong stream of ozone. Underneath we present block diagram of installation.

Examples of use:

1. Sewage-treatment plants and pumping plants:

Pumping plants in housing estate. The installation consists of preliminary filter “1”, ozone generator “2” and final filter with the built-in fan “3”. The installation is made of as slow-suction with extra conduit which sucks in the air from pumps space.

2. Food processing (production and processing meat, fish processing, milk processing ):

Neutralize disagreeable odors installation in the laboratory of milk sample for search. The laboratory is in a building where are different offices with theirs lecture rooms and conference rooms. Emitted odors made difficulties to organize work offices. There made the installation “1” in one casing which neutralized emitted disagreeable odors.

3. Stock breeding , animal waste recovery :

Deodorization installation in utilization animal waste recovery plant. Desintegration place. On account of large odors emission and necessity of large capacity this installation was made as a container station, where are all elements: preliminary filter, control systems, fan with engine. Effectiveness of purification in this case at the average is > 70 %.

4. Another places of disagreeable odors emission

Installations can be made for every organic odors emission for example: bars, restaurants, factories, magazines, etc.


The pull off-air from the place of emission is preliminary filtered , and passed through strong stream of ozone which is emitted in a special generator . Next the air is directed to the final filter where the active carbon purify rest of ozone.

Advantages of the method are:

relative low capital costs
low power consumption ( without fan is 0,5 – 3 kW )

easy operating

possible usage in low concentration

easily adapt to place conditions

Technical data:
1. Capacity 500-20.000 m3/h

2. Inlet concentration to 100 g/h

3. Efficiency of purification 60-90 %

4. Input power of ozonator 0,5-3 kW

Installations might be made of different capacity and different inlet concentrations . There are different kinds of installations : as a free-standing and as a container stations
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