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Caesar Star Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

[China] Electric Heating Gloves

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-A far infrared release of the activated carbon fibre as heating Element.
-Temperature 38 degrees -45 degrees
-Available 5-8 hours; Recycle300- 500 times
-Safe! DC low voltage design. (European standard value 1/1600).
-Environmental protection
-For winter heating

- Modern girls.
- The frontier armed police, the military, police.
- Fishing enthusiasts, mountain climbing, golf, skiing and outdoor people.
- The elders and patients etc.
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Caesar Star Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Street:Xixiang, Jiuwei
Postal code:518000
Phone: +86 755 83448903
Fax: +86 755 33681099

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Name and Surname: Doreen Wei
Phone: +86 755 83448903
Mobile: +86 13798394885
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