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Shenzhen Novelly Electronics Co, Ltd

[China] C79, R270, R260, Continuous Ink System (Ciss),CHIP,CARTRIDGE

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new products just launched into market.

1.EPSON D78/DX4050 ( cartridge is T0711-T0714)

2.EPSON C79/CX3900/CX5900 ( cartridge is T0731-T0734)

3.EPSON STYLUS R260/R380/R580 ( cartridge is T0781-T0786-standard-capacity or T0771-T0776-

high-capacity )

4.EPSON STYLUS R265/R360 ( cartridge is T0801-T0806)

5.EPSON R270/R390/RX590 ( cartridge is T0821-T0826-standard-capacity or T0811-T0816-high-capacity)

6.EPSON STYLUS CX5000/CX6000 ( cartridge is T0691-T0694)

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Shenzhen Novelly Electronics Co, Ltd

Street:Room 27E,2Unit 2building Fu Min
Postal code:518048
Phone: +86 0755 88307116
Fax: +86 0755 88307143

Contact person

Name and Surname: Jiang Zhou
Phone: +86 0755 88307116
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