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[Poland]Personal bugs detector

Detection of unwanted phone conversations made with usage of GSM phones. Detection of unwanted conversation made with usage of radio waves. Detection of active bugs/taps. Room monitoring in order to localize bugs/taps. BAST-71SPBGSM detector was designed on the basis of modern digital technologies with usage of a microprocessor supervising an algorithm that secures immediate detection of operating mobile phones (within a radius of 15 m) in the bands: 800, 900 and1800 MHz. It also detects any[...]



The device is destined for operational measurements as far as detection and location of the bugs are concerned. It consists of main control-measurement unit and converters kit. The devices can be used in such modes: - High frequency detector - frequency meter; - Scanning wires analyser - Infrared detector - Low frequency magnetic field detector - Vibro-acoustic receiver - Acoustic receiver - Wired acoustic receiver The process of switching into other operation mode is made automatically[...]