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Country: Japan

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[Japan]Easy Wear condoms with tape applicator!

 One Touch condoms are expected to be a big seller of the 21st century.  Our patented “Tape applicator” makes getting it on so much easier. In fact, these condoms practically put themselves on!  In the heat of the moment you don't want to be fumbling around trying to work your way into a condom. If you fumble around long enough you'll ruin the mood!  You can put it on easy even in the dark because you can feel the right side.  Once you've mastered the “Tape applicator”[...]


[Japan]Natural Latex Male Condoms in cubic package!

A 'cometic style' packaging solution appealing to customers, especially to women concerned to be seen purchasing traditional condom packs. This kind of packaging styles will blend with other cometic products at home causing, no embarrassment with guests or curious children. On the shelf the unique packaging range attracts attention. Unlike traditional condoms flat packs these are cubic and stand out. Stacked together individual packs imagery connects to present a larger cohesive and eye[...]