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Country: Poland

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[Poland]Metal spinning & Galvanotechnic & Pulverized lacquering &

As a service we offer the option to make in our company all types of metal treatment (including copper and its alloys and austenitic steel), especially as roll flowing and spinning with complex shapes e.g.: lamp, ventilation parts, vases, dishes, covers, masking frames, collars, ash pits, supports etc. We make short, single series and long, repeatable ones. In our company we can provide full service from retail spinning to decoration or protection nickel, chrome, silver, copper, zinc, paint or[...]
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[Poland]Shock absorbers for generating sets and compressors

Elastic shock absorbers are destined for mounting such equipment as generating sets, main engines, compressors, fans, etc. Elastic fixing limits vibration propagation transferred from equipment to a ship's hull and reduces dynamic loads transferred by vibrating equipment onto a ship's foundation. It also separates the device from dynamic loads transmitted from the adjoining machines.[...]