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[Bulgaria]Chocolate butter biscuits

High quality buter biscuits with chocolate covering[...]


[Bulgaria]Chocolate butter biscuits

Butter biscuits with chocolate covering[...]


[Bulgaria]Butter biscuits

We are priducers of butter biscuits[...]



As a kind of throat-smoothing health food, GreenT. peppermints is developed by GreenT. Bio-Tech Co., Ltd itself, which is produced under the survey of customers needs with the high-quality natural raw material. With a cool and smooth taste and refreshment function, this product can bring you a salubrious and delicious feeling and fashionable and beautiful innovative package. Being convenient to carry and eat, it is a necessary for your daily life and travel.[...]


[Poland]Milk fudges

1. Milk fudges – carton’s weight: 135g x 10 pcs; bulk: 2,0kg; 2. Milk fudges mix – coconut, coffe, toffi – bulk: 2,0 kg;[...]


[Poland]Waffer ball

Waffer ball with coconut filling, in white glaze and shredded coconut, wrapped packaging: boxes 1,4 kg; 0,5 kg possibility of smaller packaging[...]


[Poland]Pralines Sweet Bear

Mix of filled chocolates in five tastes - nut, cherry, coconut, advocat, rum. Box 2,5 kg. Smaller packaging is possible.[...]


[Egypt]Bom Shika Bom

Lollipops from 18 gr. - 30 gr. in bags , jars, Box , Stand[...]


[Poland]Jelly in chocolate

Careful combination of natural chocolate with lemon-orange delicious jelly. Fruit jelly in chocolate 220g packages[...]



Dreamy is snack candy line. Tiny pieces of coated candy which is can be used for toy and cake decoration. we have 5 flavours such as milk, mint, fruity, cola and black forest.[...]