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Country: Poland

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[Poland]Fruit jellies

1. Fruit jellies in chocolate (lemon, apple, cherry, black currant): 200g x 10 pcs; bulk: 3,0kg; 2. Flavour jellies in chocolate (mint and apple) – 200g x 10 pcs; bulk: 1,7kg; 3. Cardinal – Fruit jellies in chocolate (lemon, cherry, orange): 180g x 11 pcs; bulk: 2,2kg; 4. Flavour jellies with sugar: (lemon, apple, cherry, orange): 180g x 10 pcs; bulk: 1,0kg;[...]


[Poland]Pralines Sweet Bear

Mix of filled chocolates in five tastes - nut, cherry, coconut, advocat, rum. Box 2,5 kg. Smaller packaging is possible.[...]


[Poland]Waffer ball

Waffer ball with coconut filling, in white glaze and shredded coconut, wrapped packaging: boxes 1,4 kg; 0,5 kg possibility of smaller packaging[...]


[Poland]Jelly in chocolate

Careful combination of natural chocolate with lemon-orange delicious jelly. Fruit jelly in chocolate 220g packages[...]


[Poland]Milk fudges

1. Milk fudges – carton’s weight: 135g x 10 pcs; bulk: 2,0kg; 2. Milk fudges mix – coconut, coffe, toffi – bulk: 2,0 kg;[...]


[Poland]Chocolate sweets

1. Chocolate sweets (cream flavour) with colourful sugar crumbs - bulk: 2,4kg; 2. Plum in chocolate – bulk: 2,5kg; 3. Maczusie – Chocolate sweets (cream flavour) with colourful sugar crumbs – display: 45g x 18 pcs;[...]


[Poland]Best Nutella PL at Lowest Price

We offer Nutella text PL,EST at the lowest price in Poland , we guarantee fast delivery , best price and safe shipping . MOQ 20'FCL .[...]


[Poland]Candy floss, cotton candy

Packaging: 1 palette = 4 box x 42 displays x 12 pieces = 2016 pieces We can packaging as you like We can put your private label in our tub and cap.[...]



Sticks: salt sticks (70g,135g,300g) sesame seeds sticks (70g,300g) poppy seeds sticks (70g) Different weights available with PRIVATE LABEL[...]


[Poland]No1 Snaps- Pumpkin Snaps 30g

Excellent Pumpkin Snacks with natural honey !!! Ingredients: Pumpkin seed, starch syrup, sugar, honey. Pumpkin Snaps are manufactured without any preservatives or artificial flavours! We sell them under the brand NO1 SNAPS or Kornetki. It is also possible to make them under your own label.[...]