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Category: Food & Beverages -> Food Ingredients

Country: Poland

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[Poland]Soya lecithin powder, rapeseed lecithin powder

Soya lecithin powder orgin Poland , food grade, non-gmo, IP . We also produce rapeseed lecithin.[...]


[Poland]Baker’s mixture (egg-based)

This mixture is to be used mainly in the baking of yeast-based pies (rolls, doughnuts, pancakes etc.), brittle biscuits, puff pastries, brittle crusts (suitable for cheesecakes and apple pies), waffles, tea biscuits and chilled pies. This product is a natural egg substitute. The mixture allows you to quickly, efficiently and easily bake high quality pies, distinguished for their softness, delicacy and a great flavour. How to use: During production, the mixture is to be used just as natural[...]

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[Poland]Tomato puree

We can offer tomato puree. - Brix min. 6,0 - acidity 0,48% (as citric acid: pH-8,1). In case of any questions - +48 512 609 438 Best regards.[...]



Gelatine type A (ex-pork skin) in range 100-270 bloom.[...]


[Poland]Natural colours

Carmine Annatto Chlophyllin B-carotene Grape skin extract[...]


[Poland]Beet powder.

We product beet powder orgin Poland. Polish only natural ingredients.[...]


[Poland]Raspberry puree

Highest quality raspberry puree. Our product is pasteurized and packaged aseptically. It can be use as an additive to jams, ice creams, fillings, etc.[...]


[Poland]Apple puree

We offer an Apple puree. The product is packaged aseptically. Please contact us for the details.[...]


[Poland]food flavourings



[Poland]M Universal Mixture

This is a specialized, egg-based mixture for use in production of egg-based pasta. It is a good substitute for natural eggs in the production of pasta which makes for a shorter production process. An important feature is the quick and efficient preparation of egg-based substances using this mixture. One kilogram of mixture is equivalent to about 100 natural eggs. How to use: During production, the mixture is to be used just as natural eggs would be used: 1 part of the mixture for 3 parts[...]

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