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[Poland]Frozen fruits

A wide range of frozen fruits.[...]


[China]Frozen mushrooms,IQF broccoli,IQF blackberries.frozen mandarin,frozen strawberries

Dear Sirs, We are now producing and supplying the following: 1.FROZEN mushrooms 1)wild/cultivated 2)wholes/diced/sliced 3)champignon/ shiitakes/ black fungus/boletus edulis/oyster/nameko 2.FROZEN asparagus 1)white/green 2)wholes(spears)/cuts & tips 3)packing:300g,8oz,500g,1000g,2500g,2.5lbs,30lbs,10kg 3.FROZEN strawberries 1)IQF/BQF 2)wholes/diced/sliced/puree 3)varieties:A-3,A-6,A-13,Senga sengana,Honey,All star,A Guo,etc 4)packing:carton/plastic pail/steel drum 4.IQF[...]


[Egypt]Frozen Apricot

High quality frozen Apricot halfs Best availability May to july (fresh apricot season) Packing in polyethelyne bags in 10, 8 and 12 kg cartons[...]


[Egypt]Frozen Figs

High quality frozen figs, Best availability season is June and august, Complete, halfs and quarters, Packing in polyethelyne bags in10 kg cartons[...]


[Egypt]frozen strawberry

High quality first degree frozen strawberry, Varieties: Stefan, Sweet Charlie and Chamaroza Calibration: 15 - 35 mm Dicing facility Packing in polyethelyne bags in10 kg cartons[...]



We offer large amounts of frozen fruits of type: - STRAWBERRY - RASPBERRY - MORELLO CHERRY - BLACKBERRY - COWBERRY - CHOKEBERRY - BLACK AND RED CURRANT Available fruits in all quality classes: - EXTRA class - class I and II - semi-finished product Available packages the sack of 20 kg and the carton of 10 kg. We are inviting new customers and all interested companies for the cooperation. ICQ:370-601-694 SKYPE:sweet-garden[...]

Trusted PartnerEurocompany


[China]Canned Pineapple

Net/drained weight: 850/454g Slice: 8-10 rings Ingredients: pineapples, sugar, and water FCL: 850 cartons, 12 cans/cartons[...]


[China]IQF strawberry or frozen strawberry

the new crop of strawberry is going to be harvest soon. IQF/FROZEN STRAWBERRY Variety: All star, M13, Ratzon, Baojiao, Senga Sengana and other types of strawberry Strawberry in all quality classes is available. FOB Port: Qingdao Brix (raw fruit): 7brix%-11brix% TA as citric: 0.5-0.9 pH :3.1-3.8 Size: 10-22mm, 15-25mm, 25-35mm, above 35mm or uncalibrated. Packing: 20kgx1/ctn, 10kgX1/ctn or 2.5kgX4/ctn or 1kgX8/ctn is available or according to requirements.[...]