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[China]Frozen peapods, frozen broccoli,IQF mushroom, frozen green beans,frozen edamame,frozen blackberries

Dear Sirs, We are now supplying the following frozen vegetables: 1.IQF sugar snap peas 2.IQF peapods 3.IQF broccoli, florets/cut/spears 4.IQF mung beans sprouts 6.IQF red peppers,strips/diced/wholes 7.IQF green peppers,strips/diced/wholes 8.IQF leeks cuts 9.IQF green onions cuts 10.IQF bamboo shoots,slices/strips 11.IQF green beans wholes/cuts 12.IQF edamame,peeled/in pods 13.IQF waterchestnuts,slices/wholes/diced 14.IQF babycorns,wholes/cuts/slices and many other frozen[...]


[China]Frozen Broccoli, Frozen Peapods, Frozen edamame, Frozen sugar snap peas, frozen mushrooms, frozen blackberries

Dear Sirs, We are now producing and supplying the following: 1.Frozen vegetables: 1)IQF romanesco florets 2)IQF broccoli florets 3)IQF cauliflowers 4)IQF peapods 5)IQF sugar snap peas 6)IQF beans sprouts 7)IQF green beans 8)IQF edamame 9)IQF babycorns 10)IQF waterchestnuts slices/wholes 2.Frozen fruits & berries 1)IQF lychees 2)IQF blackberries 3)IQF strawberries 3.Frozen mushrooms 1)IQF champignon mushrooms,slices/wholes/quarter cuts 2)IQF shiitakes,slices/cuts/wholes 3)IQF[...]



Our company offers large amounts of frozen vegetables: - cauliflower - sprouting broccoli - bean - peas - onion - carrot - parsley - celery - leek - tomato - pepper Vegetables available in the class I of the II . Wrapping the up by sack 20 kg and the carton of 10 kg. We are inviting new clients for the cooperation.[...]

Trusted PartnerEurocompany



We offer frozen IQF onion in the form: - bones: -6x6, 10x10, 20x20 mm - slices: -2-4, 3-5, 4-6, 5- 7, 6-8 mm Product of the I class and has certificates: / HACCP, BRS, ISO, IFS /. Wrapping up by the sack or the carton. The sensational quality and the attractive price. Available onion in the sale for the entire season. Add conditions to agreeing. We are inviting for the cooperation.[...]

Trusted PartnerEurocompany


[Egypt]frozen Artichokes

High quality frozen Artichokes Hearts, crowns Best season from February to May Packing in polyethelyne bags in 10 kg cartons.[...]


[China]frozen green asparagus

Frozen green asparagus: Frozen green asparagus Size: Φ=8-10mm, L:110mm Frozen green asparagus Other sizes available: Frozen green asparagus L:170mm with Φ=10-12mm, 12-14mm,14-16mm,16-20mm,20-24mm. Frozen green asparagus Origin: comes from Juxian, which is the largest planting base of green asparagus in China.[...]


[China]Fired Bitter Melon

We are glad to introduce our new range of product namely : Bitter Gourd, commonly known as " King of Vegetables in East for its Taste and Properties " , Bitter Melon or as Kare - la, is in a very convenient package, ( Ready to Cook ), making you free from all hurdles of preparing a quick Bitter Gourd / Melon Curry; time saving & as good as Fresh, can be taken as Salad. Product : Fried Crispy Bitter Melon / " Kare - la " Food values of Bitter Gourd, and Natural Benefits,[...]


[China]Canned Foodstuffs

We are OEM Food Processors under private label, in short at present we produce and cater our activity on the following : 1/ Sautéed to brown color chopped onion 2/ Boiled Onions Paste with the hint of Garlic 3/ Hash Golden Brown Fried Onins 4/ Hash Golden Brown Crushed Fried Onions 5/ Canned Sweet Corn Kernels 6/ Canned Cream of Sweet Corns 7/ Canned Baby Corn 8/ Tomato Base & Onion Base Curry Pastes 8/ Spinach Paste 9/ Canned White ( Whole ) Mushrooms, and Straw Mushrooms [...]


[Poland]Frozen parsley-curly

Form: leaves, cut 2 to 8 mm Packing: 1 x 5 and 1 x 10 Kg Carton with polyliner[...]


[Poland]Frozen chives

Form: rolls, cut 2 to 5 mm Packing: 1 x 10 Kg Carton with polyliner[...]