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[Italy]Italian wines

Different white and red Italian wines from our vineyards located in Central Italy and in Sicily. Very high quality and competitive prices, all with EU and USA certificates.[...]


[Italy]BRUNELLI - Riesling Italico

Splendid pale straw yellow colour with greenish reflections. Its bouquet reveals a characteristic and fruity aroma with fresh Golden apple and peach fragrances. To the palate, it is dry and without asperity, pleasantly fresh and delicate. It is excellent with delicate and vegetable dishes, omelets, boiled fish, seashells and Margherita pizza. Recommended serving temperature is 8°C. Typology: White Alcohol content: 11,5% Vine: Riesling Italico 100%[...]


[Italy]GIORGI - Chardonnay O.P. DOC

Splendid straw yellow colour still wine of a rare fragrance with an inimitable and very fine bouquet. On the palate, it is elegant, dry and harmonious, agreeable and inviting. Perfect companion for entrees and seafood. Best served at 8°C. Typology: White Alcohol content: 11,5% Vine: Chardonnay 100%[...]


[Italy]GIORGI - Incontro brut

Beautiful straw yellow colour spumante wine with greenish reflection. Its intense and refined bouquet is fresh and fragrant, with sharp Golden apple and Artemisia scents. To the palate, it is dry,sparkling, harmonious and elegantly caressing like velvet. It is perfect to be served as an aperitif and excellent with seafood or daily consumed through the whole meal. Ideal serving temperature is 6°-7°C. Typology: White Alcohol content: 12% Vine: Pinot Noir 100%[...]


[Italy]My Grappa Barrique

My Grappa barrique ia a premium grappa distilled in the region of Piedmont from a blend of 4 different wine pressings, the remaining of the wine skins, seeds and pulps of the grape, and in particularly coming out from Moscato d'Asti, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo wine pressed grapes. We are selecting the wine pressings very carefully from the best wine makers and cooperative cellars after the vintage and we use to protect these raw materials in special vacuum plastic rolls which block the oxidation[...]


[Italy]My Limoncello Italian Original Liqueur

MY LIMONCELLO ORIGINAL LEMON LIQUEUR Limoncello is probably the trendiest Italian digestif liqueur selling in the markets right now and despite it is claimed to be discovered in Sorrento and being the best in the world, the product I am making is produced by using the best lemon peels and juices from Sicily, the island where my origins and heritage come from. My Limoncello is presented in an elegant 500ml decanter bottle, at the original 30% Vol, this allows to offer a very chilled product[...]


[Italy]My Sambuca Italian Original Liqueur

My Sambuca Premium Liqueur My grandfather, Gaetano Inga, had been producing liqueurs, brandies and Marsala wine in Noto, Sicily for many years before he moved to Genoa, Piemonte in the 1930’s. While in Sicily, he also made a delicious liqueur by infusing alcohol with anise seeds, sugar, and other secret ingredients. As time passed, this style of liqueur became known as Sambuca. The style is now world-famous with many brands circulating worldwide. Now I have resurrected the ancient formula.[...]


[Italy]Amaro Mio Herbal Liqueur

AMARO MIO PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Lorenzo Inga, belongs to the fifth generation of the Inga Family, premium grappas and liqueurs producers since 1832. The family carries one of the oldest and most selected book recipes written by hands by Lorenzo’s great grandfather Gaetano Inga, from Noto, Sicily, where the family had properties and distilling firms specialized in the preparation of Marsala and various cordials since 1900. Gaetano, at the beginning of 1900, had come across in an ancient[...]


[Italy]Wine Castelli Romani White DOC

This wine is produced with a selection of Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes of our vineyards, located in the area Castelli Romani D.O.C. The must is vinified without skin and with soft pressing method and is fermented at a controlled temperature of 18°. After microfiltration and an adequate maturation the wine is bottled with sterile methods. It has a straw yellow coulor, a characteristics and pleasant flagrance and a dry, round taste. To be served wiht all courses at a temperature of 8-10°.[...]