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Country: Czech Republic

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[Czech Republic]Czech Beer

Dear Sirs. We offer conventional Czech beer. Traditional Czech Lager 10% Bohemian Blond Lager 12% Bohemian Black Lager 13% Bohemian Granat Lager 14% Bastard 18% Package: 0,5 litre bottles (12 bottles in case) (20 bottles in case) 0,33 litre bottles (24 bottles in case) Tank 250 hectolitres Contact: S.P.B. Investment Group Ltd.[...]


[Czech Republic]Konrad Beer

The Vratislavice brewery has been brewing high-quality beer in the north Bohemian city of Liberec - Vratislavice u. Nisa for 130 years. HOLS a.s., the brewery's owner, has staked its all on high quality and the straightforward brewing trade. Its credo its to brew beer that is loved by all of its consumers. Preserving the genuine production process is a contributory factor, plus the use of recipes on which old-time specialties have been based. The brewery makes its own malt that has a proven quality,[...]


[Czech Republic]The Irresistible Czech Pilsner

Several kinds of lagers with pleasant aroma which equaly blends tastes of both malt and hop with refreshing, wry final taste. Guarantee: Pasteurized with guarantee up to 60 days (inland bottles), 180 days (bottles export ), 30 days (tanks) Awards: 1. place - Czech Beer 1995. 2. place - Czech Seal of Quality for Beer Tábor 1997. 1. place - Czech Beer 2000 Package: Bottle 0,5 l, tanks 20, 30, 50 l, PARTY-tank 5 l. All necessary information available on request.[...]