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[China]Organic pineapple juice concentrate

60 brix, 3-7% pulp content, 18-30 Ratio, Smooth Cayenee variety TPC<100/ml[...]


[Thailand]Juice Drink Emu Energy brand. 25 % 180 ml. petbottles

Juice Drink Emu Energy brand. 25 % 180 ml. petbottles Our company have used 6 month to devellop this Juice product line, we have focused on an international goodlooking and safe packing, with all standard requierements, on the label as well as the carton, The Juice itself, we have made, is less sweet , than it is normally produced in Thailand, as from expirience and custumers demands. Our company will in the widest way possibel support our products, by all possibel means. Sizes Avalible[...]


[China]Carrot Juice concentrate

65 brix, PH:4.0-5.5, TPC<100/ml, Black 7 variety[...]


[China]Apple juice concentrate

70 brix, 0.9-1.31 acid, 35min color upon arrival, NTU<3, clarity>95% TAB Negative, TPC<100/ml, Patulin:<50ppb[...]


[China]Apple juice concentrate, medium acid

70brix, 2.0-2.3 acid, 35%min color upon arrival, patulin<50ppb, TPC<100/ml[...]


[Israel]Pmmegranat juice

100% natural Pmmegranat juice from Azerbaijan. It comes in 1 liter or in 200ml. Recommended for people with Cholesterol problems as well as for people with heart problems.[...]


[Thailand]Sell Canned Coconut Juice 350 ml.

We are Thai exporter for Canned Coconut Juice with pulp 350 ml. Our Coconut Juice are made from fresh young coconut, clear liquid, watery viscosity, taste sweet, with suspending white slice of coconut pulps. The products are produced by certified GMP / HACCP / ISO manufacturer with HALAL Food certificate, under the strictly control to meet the world standards of sanitation and hygienic. Buyers in all countries are welcome. Please contact for details. We have commitment to give our customer the quality[...]


[Slovenia]Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate

Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate: 65 Brix, 60-75 g/kg acidity as vine acid(pH=7), NTU<20[...]


[Slovenia]Apple Juice Concentrate

Apple Juice Concentrate: 65-70 Brix, acidity app. 2% as malic acid, NTU<5[...]


[Hungary]Red Bull Energy Drinks 250ml Cans

Red Bull Energy Drinks Cans (Pack of 24) Health Vitamin Energy Drink, bring you more nutrition and stronger. Health ingredient and good taste with lower price for choose Item Name: Red Bull Energy Drink Specification: 250ml Text on the can: English Language 24 cans in each tray 108 Trays in each pallet Best Quality and Taste. Shelf Life: 18 Months Expiry date: Not less than 18 months Packing: Full Truck: 33 Pallets (3,564 Cases ), 20ft Container: 24 Pallets [...]