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Country: Armenia

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[Armenia]Diamond Slims

This new excellent quality product was launched in mid 2009. The cigarette comes in slims size with unique Cigaronne filter and has three variations. The pleasant taste and stunning design ensures great success for the brand.[...]


[Armenia]Lady, lady menthol, lady rose

The Lady Range was launched by SPS Cigaronne only in 2006 to fill the gap in the market, a gap which was felt by many female smokers around the world. Whereas there are a number of cigarette brands designed for ladies, none of them highlight femininity and style as much as the brand Lady. Lady cigarettes come in three types 1. Lady 2. Lady Rose 3. Lady Menthol All of these are Slims size cigarette with Cigaronne’s unique slim filter. Lady cigarettes come with colored tipping[...]


[Armenia]X7 slims & king size cigarettes

X7 cigarettes are the latest novelty from SPS Cigaronne Company. The product stands out thanks to its exclusive quality and unmarked tobacco flavor. X7 offers premium quality not only in brilliant appearance but also thanks to its rich taste. X7 is the latest news in the long line of original products manufactured by SPS. And thanks to the combination of wonderful flavor and exceptional design the product has won appraisal within a large group of smokers. The brand has slims and king size variations.[...]


[Armenia]One’o’one cigarettes

The mildest cigarette in the exceptional variety of Cigaronne products. One’o’one refers to the low content of tar and nicotine of the brand, i.e. tar – 1 and nicotine – 0.1, yet gives complete satisfaction to smokers. This makes the cigarettes so pleasant to smoke. The cigarette is exceptional thanks to its softness and low content of tar and nicotine, which is very appealing to the modern smoker.[...]


[Armenia]Cigaronne Gold & Platinum cigarettes

Super premium quality, luxurious, unique type cigarettes with golden & silver color tipping paper, with solid hard long unique filter holder. The American blend used in Cigaronne Gold & Platinum 120 mm cigarettes consists of 12 types of selected fine quality tobaccos from the major growing areas in the world. Cigarette paper of top quality and original design is used in tobacco product for the first time. The tipping papers are gold and platinum accordingly.[...]


[Armenia]Cigaronne Black & White cigarettes

The latest innovation from SPS Cigaronne. Produced from the finest hand-picked tobacco, developed especially for Cigaronne from the best growing plantations in different continents of the world. The most outstanding feature of this brand is that it doesn't irritate the throat, whilst preserving the rich taste of the tobacco blend. The finest materials have been used for the production of this super premium quality brand. The cigarettes come with black/white tipping and cigarette papers accordingly.[...]