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[China]P'Uerh Tea

PU' ER TEA is the original spelling but it has been anglicized several times during its westward expanding use. It is manufactured in the Pu er tea district of southern Yunnan Province in China. It takes its name from the small city of Pu-er and is only a few hundred miles from the Laos and Burma border. This tea is well known throughout the medicine shops of China, and is highly regarded for its medicinal qualities as a digestive and nerve stimulant. The leaves have a marked bitterness. They[...]


[United States]Tahitea Spiced Chai

Specifications: A delicate balance of sweetness and old-world spices unite to create this wonderful chai tea with intriguing overtones. Delicately blended to enhance the natural antioxidant properties of the noni leaf, Tahitea Spiced Chai Tea offers an enchanting taste experience. 360 grams. Comes in a collectable tin.[...]


[Taiwan]Gaba Tea

GABA : An Inexpensive, Natural and Effective Way to Increase HGH Suppose you can turn back the hands of time to 10 years ago. You would look younger, have more energy and be slimmer. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a chemical produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. HGH is reported to decline starting at the age of 25. Some of the many benefits of increasing this hormone in the body are : LOSE FAT, GAIN MUSCLE INCREASE ENERGY LEVEL ENHENCE SEXUAL PERFORMANCE INCREASE CARDIAC OUTPUT REMOVE[...]


[Taiwan]Low caffein instant green tea

Tea is grown at high mountain (1,000m above sea level) 4 gm / ALUMINUM FOIL PACK x 20/30/50 PER BOX GREEN TEA 90& COLLAGEN 10% CAFFEIN <1.68%[...]


[China]Sell chinese tea

Established in 1997, Our Company-Shanghai Hongyun Tea Co.Ltd has been specializing in producing, creating and marketing a large variety of high quality teas for customers in over 30 countries. With 265 workers,25 tea technicians, quality control measures, over 9 years' export and top management, we supply good quality teas at very competitive prices, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, white tea, jasmine tea, flavored tea, artisan blooming tea, pu-erh tea, and herbal tea, chunmee tea,reaching[...]


[China]food packing

Product Description 1) Material: tinplate 2) Standard: ISO9001:2000 3) place of origin: Shenzhen 4) Color: 4 color printing outside; clear varnish inside. 5) Shape: round 6)Packing: card board box Product Specification/Models 1) Model No: ML-564 2) Dimensions (L x W x H): D85X160mm[...]


[China]Tea bag packaging machine

DXDT8 TEA BAG PACKING MACHINE Advantages: DXDT8 packing machine for tea bags has the function of auto filling, bag sealing, thread affixing, labeling, external bag heat sealing, auto counting, etc. It conforms to food hygiene standard, and low cost high-efficiency ideal equipment for tea and foodstuff industrial sector. It is mainly used packaging of medicine tea, beauty-slimming tea, health-strengthening tea or other similar fine-particle products. Technical parameters: Metering capacity:[...]


[China]Instant ginger tea

We handle the instant ginger tea which is the pure natural healthy drink refined from the high quality dried ginger, honey, glucose or white sugar with the flavors of original, lemon, black sugar, or jujube. It has functions of clearing away coldness, eliminating choke, quenching pain, sweating and removing heat, and has several packing sizes for your selection, also my do as your demand, please don't hesitate to contact me for more further informations.[...]


[South Africa]Rooibos (red bush) herbal tea

Rooibos (red bush) tea originates from the leaves and stems of the Aspalathus Linearis plant which is indigenous to South Africa. The tea is mild, with a fruity, sweet taste and contains no added colours or preservatives. Traditionally, rooibos is oxidised and this gives it the red colour for which it is known. In addition to our regular rooibos, we are now offering unoxidised green rooibos tea. This tea has a slightly different taste to conventional rooibos and is particularly high in antioxidants,[...]


[China]green teabag

green teabag green tea bag riches in health ingredients,i.e. tea phenol,amino acid,coffee soda,Vitamin C and so on.It has the healthy effects of anti-oxidation,anti-radiation,anti-cancer,lowering lipid. specification : 138*136*78mm(50 teabags) 138*68*78mm(25 teabags) 70*68*78mm(12 teabags)[...]