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Category: Security & Protection -> Roadway safety

Country: South Korea

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[South Korea]Reflective sheeting

Reflective Sheet is roll-type high reflective and long durable with a multiple layer composite structure. It is widely applicable to road safety or personnel safety. 1) description A high-tech reflective product with the prismatic cube corner structure featuring polymer cubes in a basic unit, it generates retro-reflection which makes light shone at a prism return to the light source. Retro-reflective performance varies depending on the precision of a prism and the angles of a cube. As one[...]


[South Korea]Reflective fabric

1. Description The reflective fabric reflects light in the night time. It is commonly made that the glass bead sewed equally on the T/C(polyester 65%+cotton35%) or Nylon. It is sewed on the clothes and underlay, and applcable extensively to reflective clothes, of the Safety goods, Sportswear and Fashionable fabrics like dress, cap, gloves, backpack, etc 2. Specification - Character : Commercial gradeGlass bead , high retroreflection, - Performance : 530cd/lux.m2 - Size : 40“ x 50m/[...]


[South Korea]Reflective heat transfer film

1) Description Reflective heat transfer film is applicable to garments using by thermo and pressure. It is an open lens type reflective film, consisting of high-micro glass beads of top layer , reflective layer and adhesive layer. 2) Specification Character : Glass bead , high retroreflection, Performance : 530cd/lux.m2 Size : 40“ x 50m/ roll Color : Silver. Black Laminating available 3) Application Safety garment, Labels, Bag, Cap, Gloves, Shoes, etc[...]


[South Korea]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : DA-3000M

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : DA-3000M 1. Special Features - Simple and Simple design (34 x 103 x25mm) - 3 digit display with backlit LCD - FDA approved hygienic disposable mouthpiece - Indication of the number of times the unit has been utilized - Low battery and low breath flow alerts - Automatic Power-off 2. Specifications - Indication of B.A.C. : 0.00 to 0.40 %BAC/0.00 ~ 2.00mg/l - Accuracy : +/- 0.01%BAC at 0.1%BAC at 25'C - Warm up time : within 20 seconds - Response[...]


[South Korea]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-CA-2000

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-CA-2000 Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-CA-2000 (Korean Origin) 1. Specifications : 1)Sensor :Highly selective oxide-semiconductor sensor 2)Size :120 x 60 x 25 mm 3)Weight :200 grams 4)Housing :Shock resistant, molded plastic 5)Response time :3 sec. 6)Warm up time :20 sec. 7)Recovery time(sensor purge):30 sec. 8)Battery life :Over 300 tests 9)Battery :9V alkaline 10)External power supply :12V DC adapter 11)Accuracy :+- 0.01% at 0.10% BAC [...]


[South Korea]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-DA-5000

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-DA-5000 1. Specifications : a)Method of Measure : Breath sample to %BAC, g/liter or mg/liter b)Range : 0.00% ~ 0.40% 3)Accuracy : +-0.01%BAC at 0.1%BAC 4)Warm up : 18~25 seconds 5)Response time : Less than 5 seconds 6)Recycle time : 10 seconds 7)Sensor : Oxide semiconductor 8)Power : Two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries(included) 9)Display : 3-digit LED 10)Size(mm) : 59 x 116 x 27(mm) 11)Weight : 105g 12)Testing Capacity : Approx. 200~300 with fresh[...]


[South Korea]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : CA-2010

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : CA-2010 1. Specifications : *Sensor :Highly selective semi-conductor oxide alcohol sensor *Size :123 x 56 x 23 mm *Weight :111 grams (with battery & mouthpiece) *Response time :3 ~5 sec. *Warm up time :20 sec. *Battery :9V alkaline *External power supply :12V DC adapter *Accuracy :+- 0.10mg/ml(Promile) at 1.00mg/ml (Promile) *Calibration :BAC simulator *Display :Dual color LCD backlight *Working temp. :+10'C ~ +40'C *Storage temp. :0'C ~ +50'C *Certificate[...]