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Category: Construction -> Lighting systems

Country: Poland

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[Poland]The illuminated LED RGB paving Piccola GRANITE - SUPER SPECIAL KIT

The illuminated LED RGB paving Piccola GRANITE - SUPER SPECIAL KIT Includes cheaper. Super Promotion!   Shipment by courier to anywhere in Poland. Do you want a different amount of cubes? Write us, call - any number of other types of paving stones in the lower RGB LED and promotional packages.   Offer applies to super-kit includes all the accessories needed to mount RGB LED cube - piccola x10x9x6 large 8.3 cm The illuminated LED RGB paving piccola x10x9x6 large 8.3 cm - 12 pieces 216w[...]


[Poland]OCHI LED module

OCHI is a LED module with square construction which allow to arrange in matrix combinations. Thanks to ability to easy create almost any lighting form this module has wide range of applications. dedicated high reliability applications. OCHI module is provide with LED shunt protection, gold plated contacts and heat transfer surface. To successive connect LED modules with power supplies you only have to use thin and elastic wire. Thanks to thermal conductive tape it is possible to paste OCHI module[...]



Technical data: HEIGHT WITHOUT LAMPSHADE: 100cm, 80cm, 50cm, 20cm, cokolik Upper lampshade part is made of powder-painted steel. BULB NEST: E27 - 60W Every lampshade (1, 2, 3 and 4) matches to every body (0cm up to 100cm)[...]



Technical data: HEIGHT WITHOUT LAMPSHADE: 30cm, 60cm, 100cm LAMPSHADE: POLYCARBONATE LAMP'S BODY : PCV 90 - 90mm pipe Lampshade as in "stojaca niska" lamp apply[...]



Technical data: DIAMETERS: large plate: 50cm small plate: 25cm BULB NEST: E27 - 100W[...]



HEIGHT : 210cm CERAMICAL BULB NESTS : 3 x E27 - 60W LAMP'S BODY : PVC pipe Three different lampshades apply (lampshade no. 1 does not apply)[...]



TECHNICAL DATA: HEIGHTS : 150cm i 125cm CERAMICAL BULB NEST: E27 - 60W LAMP'S BODY : PVC - 90mm pipe Four different lampshades apply[...]


[Poland]MakeYourLamp Ekologic lampshades made from recycled paper.

Unique lamps, which are a project of copyrighted Polish designers - Ania Werner and Jakub Ossendowski. Lampshades are made of solid recycled paper, which, at the stage of life of the lamp (due to changes in fashion), can be further processed without damage to the environment. Environmental project, created using the forces of nature, with concern for the environment and future generations. Each lamp is an unique object, because of the wonderful material from which it is made ​​of - paper[...]


[Poland]Metal spinning sheet metal

Spinning and artistic metalwork. We offer locksmithing and production services. Spinning, sheet-metal forming, artistic metalwork, metal working and production of goods on the basis of customer’s design. Our company offers doing various types of plastic and mechanical metal working, especially roll flowing, stamping, turning, milling, cold roll forming, cutting, sawing, polishing, grinding, welding, soldering, fusion welding and spinning of spare parts, elements, good, accessories, advertising[...]

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[Poland]Light Fittings OSI, OSII, IP44

Light fittings produced by our company are designed to be used in lodging rooms, wet unit cabins and other places where the IP44 class of protection is required. Light fitting can be made in first or second class of protection and adapted for 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Body is made from galvanized steel and powder painted. Lampshades are made of milk-white plastic (2mm thick). Our fittings can be supplied with shaver socket (standard or Euro-American 230/115 V) with separating transformer. Light fittings[...]