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Country: Taiwan

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[Taiwan]Polyester knitted geogrids

PET knitted geogrids coated with PVC, ranging from 30~650kN/m, with high tensile Strengths in low elongations. It has a stronger mechanical interlock, conjunction points and excellent friction. What we can supply you is not only good quality products but with competitive pricing as well. Samples, specs, and physical properties are available with F. O. C. Once requesting. Your OEM products are welcome to us. Contact us now for more info you demand.[...]


[Taiwan]PP Silt Fence & Ground Corver

PP woven geotextile, heat-treatment at both wide ends, with reinforcement edges, colors and sizes can be customized. Perfect construction fabrics for erosion and sediment control at job sites, construcion areas, and cost-effective for projects. Goods of Original: Bangladesh/Taiwan Standard size: 3'x100'roll with 11 wooden post 3'500'rolls, mater rolls[...]


[Taiwan]Conductive & Static Dissipative Tile

The damage of electrostatic discharge is much serious and many of the incidents including damage to super integrated circuits in semi-conductor production lines and loss of valuable data from malfunction of computer as well as inadvertent ignition of inflammable and explosions and contagions in hospital and post operation have been proven to be the results of electrostatic discharge. In order to prevent the damage caused by electrostatic discharge, we strongly recommend the use of conductive floor.[...]


[Taiwan]High Tensile Strength Polyester Woven Geogrid

Spec: From 20kn/m2~650kn/m2; customized spec is available. Content: Pet coated with pvc--high strength, durability, easy installation, cost-effective Product. Typical applications: Slope reinforcement: Highway embankments, overpasses, landslide, lagoon, riverbank, Or erosion-prone Surfaces and landfill walls. Base reinforcement: Foundations for roads, parking lots, railroad track beds, airport Tarmacs and runways. Wall reinforcement: Retaining walls, airport noise barriers,[...]