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Country: Italy

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[Italy]Sell hand painted italian ceramic vases

One of our fine handmade products is the italian decorative vases. Each piece is handpainted using brilliant colors and fine designs. Description: Vases with lid decorated with colourful patterns such as flowers, lemons, fruits, etc.. height in cm: 15,00 20,00 25,00 30,00 35,00 40,00 If you need any information, pls. contact me.[...]


[Italy]decoration panel - RICORDI SOSPESI

decoration panel with wood and cord details decorated by hand . Size: 80 x 170[...]


[Italy]mirror - AUTUNNO

mirror on hand-painted wooden structure with gold leaf details[...]


[Italy]Pablo Picasso Porcelain Collection

Sell a stock lot of Pablo Picasso porcelain Collection, manufactured by Tognana (Italy). Teapots, coffeepots, vases, pots, coffee cups, tea cups, ashtrays, hand soap, candle holder, etc. On every item there is a sketch of Pablo Picasso and signed by him. Please, you note that we are the only owners of this stock, and we have the authorization for to sell this product under license. For more details please send us an email.[...]