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[Pakistan]salt crystal lamps (natural shapes)

Selling rock salt products. Our salt lamps weight range 2-5kgs, 5-7kgs, 7-10kgs. Please advise your interest.[...]


[China]OzoneBoy XH-Y007

OzoneBoy XH-Y007 Description: OzoneBoy can be directly turn tap water to ozonated water, it can be power by 2 way, self power by directly connected to any normal tap and it is powered by integrated hydroelectric generator (Patented Technology), or external power adaptor if water pressure is low. Specifications: Model: XH-Y007 Input voltage: Hydropower for Tapwater Rated power: 1W Ozone output: Max 70mg/hr Ozone concentrations: 0.15-0.3ppm Mains rated pressure: 0.13-0.45Mpa Max[...]



OS-1000 Description: The function for OS-1000 is to control odor, killing bacteria of air in order to make environment fresh and clean. It can be applied to hotel field, vehicle area, hospital, children center, welfare house, food and decoration industry. Specifications: Model:OS-1000 Power Supply:AC110V/220V,50/60Hz Rated power :80W(Maximent) Ozone output: 200/400/600/800/1000mg/hr(Five levels adjustment) Ozone concentrations: 5/ 10/15/20/25ppm Efficiency Space :150m2(Maximent)[...]


[China]Ozone water purifier/water treatment

FD-3000II Description: Ozone water purifier/water treatment (FD-3000II) generates ozone by using corona discharge technology, it can be apply to eliminate bacteria, germs, disinfect and deodorize. The operation period is adjustable base on user requirement. The advantage are compact size, convenient to bring alone, and low power consumption. Specifications: Model:FD-3000II Power Supply:AC 240V 50Hz Rated power :≤15W Ozone output: ≥400 mg/hr Airflow Rate: 2.5-3 LPM LED display:[...]


[China]Ozone water purifier

FD-Y500 Description: Ozone water purifier (FD-Y500) is installed series with water pipe, it built-in a water flow sensor, when water tap turn on, the machine will be automatically switch on and produce ozonated water to Tap. It can be used for whole house system and where need ozonated water from tap. It’s easy to install and simple to use. Specification: Model:FD-Y500 Input voltage supply:220V 250AC 50Hz Power consumption:40-50W Technology applied:Corona discharge Gas[...]


[China]BFBR high-efficiency biological floating bed reactor

BMBF reactor is a kind of innovation technology invented by Chinese leading scientists team from Jiangsu Yihuan Group and Tsinghua Univesity. It is a wastewater/sewage treatment system applied in municipal department, chemical, petroleum refinery, pharmacal, painting and dyeing industries. BMBF reactor has the features of less land damand, excellent treatment performance, energy saving and ease of maintenance. Its treated effluent is able to meet the requirement for recycling. The TP removal[...]


[China]Bright annealing seamless stainless steel tubing

Bright annealing stainless steel tubing in seamless/ High purity Electronic Polishing stainless steel tubing Designed for critical and purity applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, LSI's high purity tubing delivery of gases, chemicals and solvents, or use in ultra High vacuum piping for reducing out gas rate. From advanced manufacturing processes, including special cold drawing and cold pilgering, not just precision for sizes, but also enhance material substrutes density by cold pilgering[...]


[United Kingdom]Battery Scrap Drained Lead

We are active in sales:All our batteries are dry, transparent ( white colour), Drained Lead Battery Scrap (As per ISRI Code"RAINS"),and we ship globally. We have Drained Dry Lead-Acid Batteries (RAINS) at our yard[...]


[China]Ozone Generator Ozone output 10G/20G/30G/60G/100G for Packaging

Product Description: Our engineers have designed and manufactured the most reliable and effective ozone generator with Corona Discharge Technology. The Ozone Output range from 1g/hr to 2000g/hr . They are made from the highest quality and most durable material, and have highest energy efficiency(lowest watts used per gram of ozone produced) in the market. They also feature a highly efficient mass transfer system that achieves the highest concentrations of siddolved ozone. Our products can[...]


[China]food detox machine

BENEFITS - Its filter systems are able to work with a harder force . -Highly removal of chlorine from the water quality, heavy substance metals. -Active in resistant against corrosion,rust,yellowish spot. -Stong in decomposition of pesticides. -Highly elimination of bacterial. -Easy to connect and no electricity is needed. -Last longer in its durability,affordable. -Better taste,no smell,color,highly quicker stinks. -Good for sterilizing,deodorizing and fresh in keeping. -Combat of preservation,persistence[...]