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[China]TG-880 turbine roof ventilator

The Saw Material of TG Turbine Ventilations: Ⅰ) TG Turbine Ventilations are made of the stainless steel. Ⅱ) We use the advanced UBC bearings from USA. The Operating Theory of TG Turbine Ventilation:  The undulating vanes lead to smooth rotation at light wind. The bearings at lower and upper position make smooth turns.  The motility created by the rotation of the vanes brings the hot air, smoke and wet air up to the roof and exhausts them out.  Because the turbine is went on[...]


[China]BFBR high-efficiency biological floating bed reactor

BMBF reactor is a kind of innovation technology invented by Chinese leading scientists team from Jiangsu Yihuan Group and Tsinghua Univesity. It is a wastewater/sewage treatment system applied in municipal department, chemical, petroleum refinery, pharmacal, painting and dyeing industries. BMBF reactor has the features of less land damand, excellent treatment performance, energy saving and ease of maintenance. Its treated effluent is able to meet the requirement for recycling. The TP removal[...]


[Taiwan]Scrap Shredder 1500hp~6000hp

These shredder plants are new designed and manfactured in ISO 9001 certified factory with competative offering price, can shred thickness 4mm~10mm scrap steel according the the customer's request, production rate from 25 tons to 120 tons/hour, white goods, scrap cars with or without engines,bales, bundles etc.,and for the separation of nonferrous,ferrous metal and wastes. The shredded scrap steel can be reached more than 1.0~1.2 high density ISRI 211 and >99% purity,50mm~250mm particals.[...]


[Taiwan]MRE new generation scrap preshredder

MRE-320kw new generation preshredder for preshredding scrap bales, bundles, junk cars, fuel tanks etc.. Two rotor shafts with higher hydraulic motor torque input, higher revolution, Direct motor drive, bigger tooth profile, high wear resistance, higher efficiency, more production, low operation cost, avoiding shredding explosion accidents. For the new shredders or exsisting shredder plants production.[...]


[Taiwan]Preshredder MRE-320KW

MRE-320kwnew generation scrap preshredder for preshredding scrap bales, cat bales, whole junk cars, flattened car bodies with engine or without engine, fuel tanks etc.. Two rotor shafts with higher hydraulic motor torque input, higher revolution, direct motor drive, bigger tooth profile, high wear resistance, higher efficiency, more production, avoiding shredding explosion accidents. For existing shreeder or new shredder plants, low operation cost, producton rates from 25tons~60tons/hour.[...]


[China]30 ton per hour Reverese Osmosis water desalination machine

Reverse Osmosis water desalination equipment Suitable raw water: Brakish water Water output TDS: 30 to 50ppm Design scope: Single pass Reverse Osmosis system with FILMTEC DOW desalination RO membrane. Main system component: 1) Silicone sand filter 2) Active carboon filter 3) Micron sediment filter 4) Duro water softener 5) RO membrane filtration modular 6) Chemical adjustment metering pump and mixing tank system 7) RO membrane cleaning system[...]


[China]Stapless Bookbinding Machine

Environmental PaperClip-Stapless Stapler! Features: 1) Fashionable model Bookbinding Machine 2) The best character is clip paper without staple.Meet present environment-protecting idea 3) Handle simple and reliable appearance 4) Avoid embarrassed situation because of no staple. 5) More color optional 6) G.W. 35g Packing: Color Retail Small Box Print your logo on it is available![...]


[United Kingdom]Dust Collection Filter bags

Pulse-jet type filter sleeves Reverse-air filter sleeves Shaker type filter bags Designed for all types of dust collection/extraction systems. All European OEMs types manufacturered. All fabric types supplied.[...]


[China]filter bag

Material: PE or PP Sizes: #1, #2, #3, and #4, unregular size. The plastic ring is made of high quality engineering plastic, which is of high physical performance and chemical causticity-proof ability. With the special treatment, it can be equipped in almost bag filters in the market. As a part of the filter bag, the handle is higher than the filtrate level, which makes high efficiency for replacement. The filter material is Polyester or PP, and filtration precision is from 0.5 micron[...]


[China]solar collector

The eta plus coating is a ceramic metal compound. This so-called CERMET (ceramic metal compound) is comprised of several single layers in which metal particles are embedded in a ceramic matrix. Due to scattering effects, they absorb radiation within a certain wavelength range. The metal content of the eta plus coating system gradually decreases towards the surface. The coating applied to the surface of the substrate is a passivating metal coating. It serves as a diffusion barrier as well[...]